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Our services


Supervision of your property, inspection, reporting and follow-up in the event of unexpected circumstances.


Keep your property in top condition and ready for use at any time.

Cleaning before and after use by you or your guests.

Airport service

We offer proffessional airport transfers from and to airports of Murcia and Alicante

What can we offer?


– inspection and ventilation in times of vacancy

– running  air conditioning and other electric devices

– our presence during deliveries, reparations or other works

– contact person in case of emergency

– emptying mailbox and forwarding important mail

– organizing for possible reparations

– reporting by e-mail, whatsapp or messenger

Additional services


We all know how nice it feels to arrive at your home and start your holiday without hassle.

By this we mean cleaning the entire house just before you or your guests arrive or immediately after your guests or you leave the house.

The price for cleaning depends on the number of rooms, floors and terraces.

Changing and washing bed linen and towels is charged separately.

Welcome service

We welcome your guests or renters upon their arrival. We take the time to show guests how everything works, all wall switches and sockets, internet access, stoves and washing equipment, etc.


Maybe your guests want a basic package (food & drinks) when they arrive. We ensure - if desired - that your refrigerator is filled.

You provide us with a list of groceries (that can be found in the local supermarkets). We deal with cash tickets and a small surcharge.

Airport service

We can arrange for you or your guests to be picked up or dropped off at Murcia or Alicante airport. We have a spacious and comfortable cars with space up to 7 passengers, wheelchairs, large luggage. Reservation on time is required.

Other services

For all other services such as: pool maintenance, garden maintenance, repairs, purchase of furniture and other equipment, we provide the most suitable solutions and we are present during the execution of the works or delivery.

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